Proflavanol® C100:Powerful bioflavonoid supplement  Preserve Ur Health

Proflavanol® C100:Powerful bioflavonoid supplement Preserve Ur Health

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A study USANA conducted in collaboration with Boston University showed that supplementation with grape seed extract and vitamin C has a positive influence on healthy blood flow to support optimal cardiovascular health.

With USANA’s unique formulation, Proflavanol C100bioflavonoid supplement combines the highest quality grape-seed extract with the free-radical quenching power of vitamin C, giving you an important tool in the quest for lifelong good health.

Proanthocyanidins are a subclass of bioflavonoids found in blue and purple berries, purple grapes, and red wine, and they are available in relatively high concentrations in grape seed extract. Research suggests a strong role for dietary bioflavonoids, including proanthocyanidins, in supporting and maintaining sound cardiovascular function. Epidemiological evidence of this connection begins with the observation that relatively low rates of heart disease exist in France, despite a diet high in saturated fat. This apparent “French paradox” has been attributed to the proanthocyanidins in the red wine consumed with most meals. Humanclinical research has also shown that proanthocyanidins in red wine maintain healthy endothelial function.*

Proanthocyanidins have been studied extensively in Europe and in the United States. Scientifically observed and documented benefits include the following:

Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels already within the normal range.

Helps retain healthy capillary strength and vascular function*

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Proflavonal C100:•Grape-seed and vitamin C

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