The Trump Network Review – Is The Trump Network Legit?  The Kanter Health Network

The Trump Network Review – Is The Trump Network Legit? The Kanter Health Network

The Trump Network Review – Is The Trump Network Legit?

In this Trump Network review, I will be providing information pertaining to the products that they offer, as well as the business opportunity that The Trump Network provides. Does The Trump Network offer you the most potential as a home based business for you and your family? Lets begin The Trump Network review.

The man behind The Trump Network of course is Mr. Donald Trump himself. Donald Trump began this company with his purchase of Ideal Health. He then rebranded his company into The Trump Network. Mr. Trump has partnered with this company because of his belief in the network marketing industry, and the proven health and wellness products that The Trump Network provides to their customers.

The Trump Network offers many products that relate to nutritional supplements, food products to battle weight loss, botanical infusion supplements to manage your energy, snack foods designed for children to perform their very best, and their Swiss-formulated BioCe skin care products. These products are designed to give your body the building blocks that it needs to invigorate your mind, body, and spirit.

To join The Trump Network, giving you the ability to maximize your earning potential, and receive the full training and support that is at their disposal, you will need to join the FastStart Way. This is a cost of $497, and will provide you with the products and business supplies that you will need to achieve a fast start in your new business. You will also enroll into a monthly Autoship for $129.20. This will automatically charge your credit card, and ship products to your home on a monthly basis.

There are other options of joining that do not require as much of an investment, however, there is little information pertaining to these other options. We do know that your earning potential will be limited if you do not enroll the FastStart Way.

Immediately after enrolling with The Trump Network, and joining the ‘FastStart Way,’ you will be encouraged to go out and find 5 people from within your friends and family to also join in the same manner as you. You will receive a $100 bonus each time that you personally sponsor a new member who purchases their FastStart package. As members in your downline purchase products for their personal use, as well as products that they sell to their customers, you will earn compensation. This will give you the ability to effectively leverage the time and efforts of others to provide you with a substantial residual income as you are building your business. The larger you grow your team, the more income you will have the potential to earn.

In my opinion, The Trump Network is a very legitimate company. Nearly everyone respects Donald Trump for his tremendous success in business, and Mr. Trump very rarely makes a poor business decision. This proves the legitimacy and financial backing of this multi-level marketing company. If you possess the desire to build a business by sharing your products and business opportunity with your friends and family, The Trump Network offers great potential as your home based business.

As always, I wish you success in your search for financial freedom in a profitable and rewarding home based business.

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The Trump Network Review – Is The Trump Network Legit?

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