Massage 4 Health

Massage 4 Health


Is your health determined by your diet or your exercise routine? Maybe it’s more about managing your stress and having energy. Or perhaps avoiding illness is the real indicator of good health. The truth is that health is more than any one measure. You may have a stellar diet, but still experience fatigue and weight issues. You may exercise regularly, and still endure joint pain and sleeplessness. You may manage your stress beautifully yet still catch every cold that comes through your workplace. Whether you are doing everything right, or you are simply too overwhelmed to take the first step, it is frustrating to feel unwell and more importantly it’s not normal! Regardless of your age, regardless of your job, regardless of your family history, it is not normal have chronic, unwanted symptoms. These are clues that can ultimately uncover patterns, which will create amazing healing opportunities.


Patterns are all around us and the natural world presents some stunning and phenomenal examples. Though we often forget it, we are a part of this world, and as sure as the moon controls the tide, so do patterns control our bodies and lives. Some of these patterns occur naturally, and others we create; some serve us well, and others create suffering. Though sometimes these patterns can be obvious others are difficult, if not impossible, to see on our own. Too often we focus on the details when we are trying to build health and we lose the big picture. Details are important, but if we want to create lasting health, we need to take a step back from the microscope and realize that we are whole beings with individual patterns that interact in unique ways.


By uncovering the patterns of genetically-based strengths and weaknesses that make each of us, on a physiological and biochemical level, as unique as our fingerprints we can help develop health building protocols that will help you find your new normal!

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Determine what type of nutrition your body requires to function optimally on every level.

Identify hidden internal stressors that disrupt the body’s natural balance and are at the root of many common health complaints.

Discover soft tissue dysfunction and find long-term solutions to chronic tension, pain and/or injury conditions.

Develop movement and breathing patterns that will eliminate stress and create strength and flexibility.