Where Money Health and Sprituality Mix

Where Money Health and Sprituality Mix

Well, I am having fun, learning a lot and lots of work, but it is fun and bringing me Joy. I Am trying to Build one site where one can go and find and buy all the products you need that are good for you, fun for you, and good for the Planet we call Home. Everything you purchase here will help with Sustainable Fair Trade Agreements and Practices. The Amazon Tribes grow, harvest, and export a tremendous amount of products we consume. We can join major corporations like Starbucks who does Fair Trade Agreements with their Coffee Suppliers in the Amazon. I want to be a small part of the many large businesses like Amazon and Starbucks who are taking steps to help preserve our home and since we vote with our dollars, I like to do my shopping where I can make a difference.... If there is a product you desire to be available here please let me know, and be a part of the change and the magic, not the problem. I commit to donate Ten Percent of all Profits made to Save The Amazon Foundations. I will list my donations here as I make them to be held accountable.
John December 31, 2012

Here are some products from I like Amazon, their prices are fair and you can find about anything you might need. I also like the name Amazon because the Amazon Jungle needs our help. The products we consume to the furniture we buy, the clothing we wear, every choice we make has an impact around the world. Amazon has made changes and will continue to make changes that effect us all ...(Read The Blog Page for more Information about Amazon).
January 6, 2013
I have included sources other than Amazon for products that have been requested. I want to assist you in your search for Healthy Products, knowing the money spent is helping yourself, others, and the planet.

I thought I would let you know why I chose to include the Paleo Diet information and products on this site. Nowadays there are as many diets out there as there are people, and being unique in our individual DNA make ups some physical bodies do well eating one way. I offer here information and products regarding the Paleo Diet for those still on the path of discovering their unique diet that will work the best for them.

I personally have felt the best being an all raw food-ist and especially raw fruit-ist. But after eating that way for a couple of years I was craving cooked food. I have (after 18 years) never desired to eat meat, chicken or fish again (yet) but I do enjoy a veggie burger, veggie pizza, and some of the vegetarian offers in the frozen food section. I can go to my local grocery store here on Kauai and have veggie hotdogs, veggie ribs, veggie lasagna etc. all packaged up for me and ready to go. I occasionally eat this way but there was always something else I wanted.

I discovered that that something else was "Human Design" (see the link below) and more information. The information I received having my Human Design chart done was that I am a night eater. My design is to eat my main meal at night then go do bed for my bodies best digestion and absorption of what I eat. After all it''s not what you eat but rather does your body absorb the nutrition it needs from what you eat. AAAhah that is why I am never hungry during the day. But because I was told I had eat to I never ate much and when I did have a choice, I never ate breakfast, and just nibbled my lunches. So Human Design gave me the information I needed (and wanted)to be healthy and happy...

And that is what I want for each and every one of you no matter what you eat. Be Healthy... Be Happy...Be Full Of Joy. John