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Keep your children fit – Let Them Play Absolute health

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Keep your children fit – Let Them Play

By Health Coach ⋅ September 29, 2012 ⋅ Post a comment

Everybody wants what is best for their children, and a child’s happiness is often the top priority of any parent. With X-Boxes and DVDs frequently topping kids’ Christmas wish lists, and fast food being the preferred dinner choice, you may think that by providing these things for your children you are keeping them happy. However, could satisfying their short-term wants ultimately be causing long-term damage? Obesity levels in children has been on the rise for several years, with studies now frequently finding that up to 30% of British children are overweight or obese. The two main factors contributing to this worrying trend are children’s lack of exercise and their poor diets.

The main thing you can do to improve your kids’ health is to get them off the sofa and take them outside. Outdoor play equipment is a great way to keep children active while making sure exercise stays fun for them. Monkey bars, climbing frames and slides are all brilliant for getting them running around so find out which parks nearby have playgrounds for you to visit. Alternatively, a great tip is to invest in something fun for the back garden – trampolines, pogo sticks and space hoppers will encourage kids to get some outdoor exercise even when at home. You might even find that you start to enjoy this outdoor fitness equipment yourself!

Another great tip is to get children interested in diet and nutrition by involving them at mealtimes. While microwave meals and fast food may be the easiest option at dinnertime, by preparing and cooking fresh meals from scratch you and your family will soon start to notice the benefits. Teach your kids that healthy food doesn’t have to be boring – why not try all making your own pizzas using bases, tomato puree and different healthy toppings? By getting children to enjoy the process of cooking, they will take more of an interest in their health and grow up with better eating habits.

Fortunately, the education authorities have began to recognise the schools’ responsibilities to teach children about healthy lifestyles and are introducing more PE lessons into the curriculum, as well as providing healthier meal options for school dinners. However, it is at home where children really pick up eating habits that will stay with them. It’s therefore the example that you set at home that will influence your child’s lifelong attitudes to their health and fitness.  By making small changes in your everyday routine, you can ensure that your kids are kept fit, healthy and happy.

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